Welcome to Roodenburg Coaching

Who I am

.My name is Erwin Roodenburg. Ever since I was a kid I've always been doing sports in the broadest sense. This is where the passion of pushing boundaries developed, and to help others of achieving the same. After some education about personal training and nutrition I was quite in my element.


The ultimate way

I wanted more. I am convinced that  not only training, food and the treatment gives the optimum results. Here comes another important part to look at; the mindset. In addition to the knowledge and experience on nutrition and exercise, I also have done an education on straight line coach, so that people in addition to a physical matter can also be able to make a mental shift.

It is fantastic to go through a major transformation with my clients, giving them the body they want and create the life they want to lead.

The method

Together we determine what your goals are and why you want to achieve it. Important here is the level of commitment. Then we get to work together to achieve your desired goal.

We work on three main area’s; nutrition, training and mindset.

The mindset will ultimately determine wether you will achieve your goal. See it as your foundation. You can’t save a house when the foundation is bad by bringing in better walls or a new roof. If the foundation is bad, the house will still collapse. The same goes for (lasting) results. You may subscribe every time in the gym or start dieting, but if your foundation is not strong, you will continue to fall back into bad habits..


While in the one on one program, we make a tailored program and we will work on your foundation. We look for the thing that is keeping you from achieving results and deal with it there. We will ensure that you will achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.


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